If You're a Virgo, Mercury Should Be Your Favorite Planet

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If you want to really understand your zodiac sign, you need to get to know your ruling planet. Each of the 12 astrological signs has a planetary ruler. The planet assigned to each zodiac sign gives us clarity on the how the sign functions, and helps us understanding for the similarities and differences between zodiac signs. Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury, so Virgos, get ready to learn more about yourselves.

How Mercury Affects Virgo's Personality

Mercury's influence is a large part why Virgos prefer to live their lives in a very particular fashion. Mercury has a lot to do with communication, learning, and striking a balance between facts and details. Overall, Virgos seek to establish order and are always trying to fine-tune their routines so they can thrive. This zodiac sign likes to diagnose and heal or help a problem. This can make for a personality that is measured and does its best to be consistent. Virgos tend to take a regimented view towards life, which helps them anticipate and solve any problems that may arise.

How Mercury Affects Virgo at Work

Mercurial Virgo energy at work is known for its ability to understand and improve. Virgo's mercurial influence makes them great employees, as they operate best when they're developing systems of perfection and following through. They’re also great at taking bits and pieces of information and drawing conclusions. Virgos can be excellent salespeople, as they’re gifted at assessing the needs of others and helping solve whatever issue needs solving. Their attention to details helps guide their colleagues toward the bigger picture. Virgo also takes great pride in their ability to provide excellent service. They work hard to achieve, and it shows in their career.

How Mercury Affects Virgo at Home

Mercury influences Virgo’s actions through its need to create routines surrounding maintaining the status quo at the home. This sign operates best in a state of cleanliness and order. Virgos value health, routine, and optimum functioning. Mercury is associated with short-term goals and mobilization of plans, and you can see its influence in Virgo's love of a cleanliness and routines that reinforce the order they prefer in their lives. This is not to say that Virgo can’t operate out of messiness, as they can sometimes be guilty of letting things get a little dirty because they like the idea of any excuse for a deep clean.

How Mercury Affects Virgo's Relationships

In love, Mercury influences Virgo to pay close attention to the details of their partner. They also enjoy meeting the needs of those they love through acts of service. Virgos have a desire to perfect. When partnered, Virgo will help their partner improve themselves. This will increase their partner's success in life and thus, the success of the relationship.

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