You're Going to See Stock Tank Pools Everywhere This Summer

wood stock tank pool
12 Clever Stock Tank Pool Ideas and DesignsBrandon Lajoie

Cue the nostalgia: Stock tank pools are officially in for all the right reasons. Originally intended as a water trough for livestock, the galvanized-steel tub transforms into a luxurious pool the moment you add a filter and chlorine. If your inflatable pool is showing signs of wear and tear or you think an above-ground pool will cramp your small backyard's style, these stock tank pool ideas are exactly what you need to cool off. They get the job done in a playful and stylish way and give you plenty of opportunities for you to express your personality, from the paint color for the exterior to the landscaping.

Stock tank pools, also known as cowboy pools, started out as relaxation zones for farmers seeking refuge after a long day of work in the sun. (Think a hot tub with no jets.) Today, they're part of unique pool designs in bohemian-style backyards and tiny house getaways all over the world. Stock tank pool ideas abound for small patios and other small spaces since they range in size from 3 to 10 feet wide and 2 to 3 feet high, but they're increasing in popularity everywhere since they're so affordable, easy to customize, and much less work to maintain than a full-size swimming pool.

To inspire your search for stock pool tank ideas that reflect your aesthetic, we gathered designs and layouts that will bring the fun and add value to your backyard. Just complete the scene with a few pool floats, chic lounge chairs, string lights, and a patio umbrella or two, and your family will never want to come back inside. Below, check out the stock tank pool inspiration you'll want to add to your Pinterest board. You're in for a memorable summer!

Adult Hangout

If you've been longing for time to chat with your friends, hit this cove trellis that's designed for catching up. It's fully equipped with cushions, throw pillows, an awning for shade, string lights, and hooks for everyone's towels.


stock tank pool and bench

Rose Gold Drip

Painting on rose gold and white pinstripes puts a chic twist on a vintage stock tank pool. Place your favorite plants around the deck, and your space is Instagram ready.

rose gold stock tank pool

Sunset View

If you'd rather not look at your neighbor's lawn, paint a beautiful sunset on the back of your garage to draw all eyes there instead. The sea foam blue coating on the outside of the pool blends right into the California beach day scene.


stock tank pool

Upper Deck

If you're skilled at DIY projects, you can build a deck around your stock tank pool. Add a heater and float your cares away all year.


stock tank pool

Surprise Tile

This pool proves to any naysayers that a stock tank pool can be whatever you want it to be! It puts the pool rules front and center with a cheeky message in hex tiles.


stock tank pool

Serene Oasis

A spa escape without leaving home? Sign us up! This wood-paneled stock tank pool is a slice of heaven from the firepit to the generous seating arrangements. You'll never want to go indoors.


stock tank pool

Retro Rainbow

This petite sage green stock tank pool is the real treasure at the end of the rainbow. Throw in a fun swan float and candy-colored lawn chairs for a vibrant party setup.


rainbow stock tank pools

Island Paradise

Pave a gravel island from your back door straight to the watering hole. The glossy finish on this jet-black stock tank pool will make you look twice as cool lounging in it.


stock tank pool

Rooftop Vibes

Whether you moved from the city to the suburbs or are the hostess who commits to the theme, your outdoor setup can rival the fanciest rooftop party. Here, a black-and-white cabana and lounge chairs pop against the orange stock tank pool and accents, setting a Veuve Cliquot–inspired scene.


stock tank pool

Built-In Playground

Forget lawn sprinklers and inflatable pools. You'll win the Parent of the Year award by a landslide if you connect your child's playset to a stock tank pool like this.


playground slide stock tank pool

Boho Paradise

Rattan, fringe, oversize plants, and a crisp white stock tank pool complete this free-spirited backyard retreat. Even if your outdoor space is small, landscaping like this can make it look grand.


stock tank pool ideas

Daisy Dream

A stock tank pool in a complementary color will fit right into your backyard. Here, the bright paint and flower decals coordinate with the existing tile and pop brightly against the blue house.


stock tank pool ideas

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