Young Girls Nearly Hit By Car In Tampines, Incident Caught On Dashcam

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Two young children managed to escape colliding into an oncoming car while dashing across a road in Tampines. The driver of the oncoming car, fortunately, managed to hit the brakes right in time. The incident was recorded on the car’s dashcam and has since gone viral on social media.

YouTube channel SG Road Vigilante posted a video of the incident that occurred on Tampines Avenue 7 on March 9. While many internet users have lauded the driver for his quick response to the situation that saved the lives of the young girls, there is a section of users who are calling for more awareness safety rules on road.

Some even slammed the children’s parents for “poor parenting.”

safety rules on road with pictures
safety rules on road with pictures

Image Source: SG Road Vigilante on YouTube

Many users also said how drivers need to stay extra vigilant on open roads, regardless of the right of way or what the traffic lights show. The incident does shed light on why road safety is still disregarded across the world.

Instead, it needs to be inculcated right from a young age. Kids venturing out on their own do not have to worry about incidents like these that could’ve turned the other way.

Safety Rules On-Road

So, as a parent, ensure that you teach your kids safety rules on road with pictures that make them aware of the perils of jaywalking. If not, here’s how you can begin.

1. Know The Traffic Lights

safety rules on road with pictures
safety rules on road with pictures

Image Source: Pexels

Colours are some of the first things children understand and that’s what you need to begin your roads safety rules with. Teach your children to follow the traffic lights, where “Green means go” and “Red means stop.” Even when using the pedestrian crossing, look for the green walking man symbol before stepping on to the road.

2. Use Footpaths At All Times

Your little one must know to not wander away on the open roads. While a shorter distance may seem convenient, your child may veer away on to the road putting themselves and the car owner in danger. Use the footpaths always and cross the road only at a pedestrian crossing or an overhead bridge.

3. Look Both Sides Before You Cross

Image Source: Pexels

Another universal rule that children need to adopt is to look at both sides of the road before they cross. It doesn’t matter if the street is small or the distance is less.

Whether it’s a bylane or a city junction, make it a habit to cross the road by looking at either side to avoid any possible dangers.

As a principle, remember to look to the left, then to the right, and then left again, before stepping on to the tarmac. Also, remember to avoid crossing the road around a bend that has a blind-spot.

4. Raise One Arm When Crossing The Road

safety rules on road with pictures
safety rules on road with pictures

Image Source: Pexels

Children are small in height and sometimes will not be visible to the driver until the last moment. It’s always a good idea to train the children to raise an arm when crossing the road, to be more visible. It also helps when children wear bright coloured clothes, especially at night.

The earlier the driver spots the child, the earlier they can slow down and avoid a mishap.

5. Don’t Let Your Child Engage In Another Activity When Crossing The Road

About 90 per cent of road accidents could’ve been avoided if either party were paying attention. That’s why make it a point to inculcate the habit of paying attention when on the road. Instead of distracting your child with a toy or book, speak to him about the importance of road safety.

Utilise this time to get your little one acquainted with the different signs and symbols around a road crossing.

So the next time your child is at a traffic light on his own, he’s are well-prepared on what not to do.


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Lead image: SG vigilante

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