Yonnyboii announces engagement with Nik Nazira

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11 Oct – Yonnyboii surprised many recently by announcing that he is now engaged to 22 year-old model Nik Nazira Narriman.

The singer, whose real name is Muhammad Haqeem Nuriman, revealed that the engagement ceremony was a low-key affair held at Nazira's family home in Shah Alam that was attended by around 10 guests.

"God willing, we'll tie the knot on 22 January next year. Hopefully everything will be running smoothly," he said.

Yonnyboii and Nazira's wedding is planned for January 2022
Yonnyboii and Nazira's wedding is planned for January 2022

Yonnyboii, who is most known for his song, "Sakit", stated that the two of them have known each other for a year before they started dating a month ago.

In an Instagram post published following the engagement, the singer wrote, "I never really believed in love, I never believed in chances, never was this confident, never this happy, never smiled more than I could, I never felt anything like this till I met you."

"Being with you felt like home, my heart pounds intensely whenever you're around, I never actually felt weird and I never truly understand the phrase "butterflies in my stomach" until I met you, I never had reasons to love someone more than myself till I met you, I knew, u were the one dear bestie, that's [for life]," he added.

Yonnyboii's pretty fiancé
Yonnyboii's pretty fiancé

(Photo Source: Yonnyboii Instagram, Nik Nazira Instagram)

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