YoitsModey: The New Face of Rap & Fashion

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Yoitsmodey shows listeners alike that the sky is the limit. The multihyphenate’s artistry singlehandedly attests to his stardom. Amidst smoothly flowing over various beats, Modey unveils the key to happiness. By putting the work in behind the scenes, he’s basking in what it’s handed him. Moreover, Modey’s dedication to the grind has earned him a chance to live care-free. Like the musician says in WAV3POP‘s “Spend It,” he’s “making waves daily, b*tch we surf, we don’t dive.” Given these points, we can concur that Modey surely is going places.

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Modey’s latest track, “Got What I Need,” gives others an idea of the lifestyle he’s created for himself. The beat, produced by Ojayvibez, is warm, preppy, and pop-ridden. Modey perfectly compliments it by taking a melodic approach.

In the song, he embraces all the blessings that are falling into his lap. To not hinder his fortune, he focuses more on business moves and less on women who try captivating his heart. He explains why that is in this line, “Married to the game, now I got a wedding ring.”

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Regardless of his social status, Modey won’t ever switch up. But, don’t take his kindness for weakness. He won’t let any disrespect slide. Afterward, the artist explains that settling is not an option. Even though he’s got fame and fortune, he doesn’t stop striving for more.

“Running up my bread & I stack it to the top/Praying on my downfall, wanna see me flop.”

He then thinks back to times where he prayed for days like this. Days full of financial freedom and unforgettable moments. “All up in my head, yeah, I’m living out my fantasy.”

Once the second verse comes in, he speaks on the benefits of success, saying that there’s more time to hang with friends. Following this, the star makes a note of his good looks and charm. Sure, he has a way with the ladies. Yet, Modey remains unaccessible.

He raps, “I’m a king straight from Africa/Yeah I’m royalty/You can never have me.” The song swings back to the catchy hook and pulsating bassline.

Outside of music, Modey is an entrepreneur and fashion mogul. His journey started at 16 when he served as Chief Marketing Officer at PocketStarCO, a brand created by his brother, Taha Elghanai. PocketStarCO is a clothing brand that features celebrities cartooned on the pocket. The company’s first significant collaboration was with rapper XXXTentacion. They’ve also worked with Tory Lanez, Post Malone, Danileigh, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Roddy Rich, and so much more.

Modey served as the fashion brand’s executive officer, content creator, graphic designer, and social media manager.

By having an “out-of-the-box” view on all things creative, Modey scored over 200,000 followers via Instagram. His music is doing the same, earning him an everlasting fanbase.

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