Ynna Asistio in hospital following severe abdominal pain

Heidi Hsia

21 Nov– Ynna Asistio has recently been warded after being diagnosed with an intestinal condition called volvulus.

As reported on Push, the news was shared by the actress herself via Instagram Story, saying that her siblings Yssa and Alexander took her to the hospital after she experienced abdominal pain that lasted for five hours.

Volvulus is a rare condition characterised by the abnormal twisting of a part of the large or small intestine.

In another Instagram Story soon after, Asistio revealed that she no longer need an open surgery to improve her situation.

"When I got here the other day, I was ready for surgery because my left abdomen got super swollen and was aching so bad I thought my intestines were about to burst... But the doctor said that they still have to observe me. Eventually through your powerful prayers, my intestines softened and the swelling lessened," she wrote.

(Photo Source: Ynna Asistio Instagram)