Yes, Bryce Dallas Howard Had 'Jurassic World' Dinos on the Brain While Shooting 'Pete's Dragon'

Bryce Dallas Howard filmed Jurassic World and Pete’s Dragon — two tentpole blockbusters featuring behemoth CGI creatures — in such close proximity the actress admits that there were points where she forgot which set she was on. As she puts it: “One almost felt like an extension of the other, and I really would get confused all the time.”

It doesn’t seem like Howard has stopped working since, either. The 35-year-old mother of two recently appeared in an episode of Netflix’s buzzed-about series Black Mirror and will soon be seen in the December drama Gold opposite Matthew McConaughey.

In between she chatted with Yahoo Movies for a Facebook Live (watch above) to promote this week’s home release of Pete’s Dragon, Disney’s live-action update of the 1977 favorite. Some highlights:

Her favorite Pete’s Dragon review came from her son, Theodore. “The best response that I got by far was from my son, who had never seen me in movie before,” Howard said. “He’s almost 10. We watched Pete’s Dragon together. The movie ended and the lights came on, and he said to me, ‘Can I see it again?‘” He’ll get his chance to watch it over and over (and over again) now that the film is hitting home video.

Robert Redford might be a real-life horse whisperer. In 1998, the iconic actor starred in the Oscar-nominated drama The Horse Whisperer. On the set of Pete’s Dragon, Redford — who plays Howard’s father in the film — saved a real-live horse that had clearly been the victim of abuse while they were filming the movie in New Zealand. And this was only the second day of production.

Her Uncle Clint is the coolest. Of course we talked about Bryce’s legendary father, Ron Howard (plug: watch our recent Director’s Reel interview with him here), but what we really wanted to know is what it’s like to be Clint Howard’s niece. And she dropped some trivia on us, describing how the character actor, whom she calls “the most idyllic, eccentric uncle” and “a creative genius,” makes his own snow globes: “really demented, brilliant, weird, hilarious snow globes.” More on this development to come, we promise you…

Pete’s Dragon hits Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD on Tuesday.