Yes, We Already Have a Color of the Year Prediction for 2025

Talk about ahead of the trend!

<p>ArchiViz/Getty Images</p>

ArchiViz/Getty Images

No one can predict the future. Or can they? Trend forecasters at WGSN and Coloro seem to think so, and they recently announced their Color of the Year predictions for 2025 (yes, 2025!). What did they see in their crystal balls? The aptly named Future Dusk, a deep shade of blue-purple that's celestial and mysterious, has been named their 2025 Color of the Year.

<p>ArchiViz/Getty Images</p>

ArchiViz/Getty Images

"Colors that bring a sense of reassurance will be key for 2025, and we will see captivating tinted darks gaining momentum," says Urangoo Samba, head of color for WGSN. "In the near future, the lines between reality and fantasy will become more blurred than ever—Future Dusk is an immersive and transformative color, aligned with this direction.”

Here's everything you need to know about this 2025 Color of the Year prediction, along with a few other colors we will be seeing in the not-too-distant future.

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<p>WGSN/Coloro</p> Future Dusk


Future Dusk

Future Dusk

Somewhere in between blue and purple—like a night sky or outer space—Future Dusk lives up to its name. “For several seasons now, Coloro has seen brands shifting towards palettes with long-lasting appeal; Future Dusk is an inspiring color that supports this trans-seasonal approach. It appears warm and deep, which makes it feel moody, mysterious, and timeless,” explains Caroline Guilbert, head of creative content for Coloro.

<p>WGSN/Coloro</p> Future Dusk, Transcendent Pink, Aquatic Awe, Sunset Coral, Ray Flower


Future Dusk, Transcendent Pink, Aquatic Awe, Sunset Coral, Ray Flower

Transcendent Pink

Coloro also predicts that Transcendent Pink will be big in 2025. The opposite of Millenial Pink, which has somewhat fallen out of favor in recent years, this color is considered an “elevated neutral.” Think brown tones with just a hint of pink. This shade is the natural evolution of the beige trend, but warmer and more interesting. We will likely see everything from Transcendent Pink sofas to sweaters and perhaps even makeup palettes.

Aquatic Awe

The color experts call the ocean-inspired Aquatic Awe “a transformative turquoise.” This hue walks the line between the natural world and the digital world. The report states, “This duality bridges fantasy with reality, calling to mind bioluminescent sea life, fragile ocean ecosystems, and immersive virtual spaces.”

This color has a very fresh feeling to it, and we're excited to see Aquatic Awe hues show up both in jewelry and in home decor, such as throw pillows.

Sunset Coral

Like Aquatic Awe, Sunset Coral is fresh and ocean-inspired. More red than pink, it looks like a beautiful cocktail served with fresh fruit or a fun lipstick color. Sunset Coral would be a great color for paint—ideal for bold accent walls or children’s spaces. “Its saturation level also gives it an immersive quality, which taps into the virtues of slowing down as a form of self-care, and embracing idleness—which has traditionally been looked down on—as an antidote to our obsession with productivity," the team explains. Consider this hue in rooms where you want to lounge and live in the moment.

Ray Flower

Ray Flower is a breath of fresh air. Described as a “radiant yellow with a warm and inviting quality,” it has a happy, optimistic vibe that screams fun. We will likely see this color and similar shades show up as sundresses, paint, textiles, and more.

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