Yep, brown sugar pearl milk ice cream is now available (and selling fast) in Singapore

As if we haven’t had enough of bubble tea, the now-ubiquitous brown sugar concoctions, and boba drinks’ bad rep, the temptations keep rolling in, this time on ice cream sticks. Taiwanese company Xiao Mei, which recently debuted a frosty brown sugar pearl milk creation in its native country, has finally crossed borders to bring the treat to bubble tea beasts in Singapore.

If reviews are to be believed, the creamy milk and brown sugar dessert, studded with caramelized rice flour mochi to mimic tapioca pearls, actually works pretty well. So well that local importer Happy Ice found themselves inundated with a swarm of orders after they announced the arrival of the ice cream on our shores.

All that sugar condensed into one stick. Photos: Happy Ice Pte Ltd/Facebook

According to a social media update last week, the company claimed the boxes were out of stock due to an overwhelming response. So those clamoring to get your hands on the popsicles will have to wait till Aug 19, when a limited supply shipment is due in Singapore. In the meantime, you’ll have to put in your pre-orders alongside your fellow FOMO foodies.

About 2,000 boxes are expected to make landfall, and you’ll have to order at least six boxes for self collection at Bukit Batok, and a minimum of 20 for free delivery. Each box contains four ice cream sticks and goes for $9.90.

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