'Yellowstone' Fans Are Still Supporting Cole Hauser

yellowstone cole hauser
'Yellowstone' Fans Are Supporting Cole HauserCam McLeod - Paramount

Not too long ago, Yellowstone fans had it made. When we had Season Five and 1923 at the same time? It felt like we ate steak for dinner, every single night. Now, we have horse hay and bunkhouse gruel to eat until the series returns from an indefinite hiatus. In the meantime, Paramount is serving us coffee and Luke Grimes is singing about having "No Horse To Ride." Bleak times.

But the Yellowstone fans are resilient. No new spinoffs? Fine! We'll create our own content from real life. Their latest fixation: Cole Hauser. The Rip Wheeler actor was looking to get his own series down by the 6666 Ranch before everything went haywire. Still, Hauser's devotees haven't left him, just because he's off their TV. Hauser is not only starting his own coffee company, Free Rein Coffee, but he's also celebrating a life milestone: his son, Ryland, is heading off to college.

"Dad and I are so proud of you Ryland," his wife, Cynthia Hauser, wrote on Instagram, "We know you’ll touch so many lives! Thank you for being open to learning from us, sharing your enormous heart, and making Steely and Colt feel so special." Cole added: "Have the time of your life son! U deserve it." And yes—before you double back—Hauser's two other children are named Colt and Steely Rose. Very fitting. Yellowstone devotees brought his wife's post to over 40,000 likes.

As much as I rib, it only proves that the Yellowstone fans are truly of the ride-or-die sort. "I love how Cole does normal things with his family!" one fan commented. "Makes him an even bigger star in my eyes." Truly, these are the kinds of fans you want.

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