Yellowjackets star details cut scene which expanded on horrifying playing cards moment

Yellowjackets spoilers follow.

Yellowjackets star Sophie Thatcher has revealed there was a cut scene from season two's penultimate episode, which would have expanded on that horrifying moment.

We weren't sure if Showtime's survival series could get any darker after the Yellowjackets consumed their teammate's barbecued corpse — but the show's latest episode, 'It Chooses', certainly proved us wrong.

With their desperation and hunger levels higher than ever — and Lottie in a bad state after Shauna nearly beat her to death — the girls decide that they must choose a member of the group to kill and eat in order to their ensure their survival.

sophie thatcher, yellowjackets, season 2

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It's decided that whoever draws the Queen of Hearts from a pack of cards will be sacrificed, and it's unfortunately Thatcher's character, Natalie, who pulls the card.

The planned execution turns into a bloodthirsty hunt when Natalie runs away, though it's eventually Javi who the wilderness 'chooses' to sacrifice.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the scene, Thatcher explained that there was a cut scene which would have offered more of an explanation on how the Yellowjackets came to this extreme decision.

sophie thatcher, yellowjackets, season 2

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"I think it was a group decision, and it was everybody kind of forcing themselves into believing that this is what Lottie would have wanted, which isn’t true," she shared.

Thatcher continued: "But I think they’re taking on that natural team dynamic, because they’re a team, and they need a leader, and they’ve always had a leader, and it used to be Jackie.

"Lottie is this new leader, but she’s out of it. And Misty definitely added some manipulation."

Yellowjackets season 2 airs on Showtime in the US and Paramount+ in the UK.

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