Ye Hak-young caught drunk driving

23 Feb – Another Korean star has been caught for driving under the influence, as model-actor Ye Hak-young faces a second strike following a previous drug scandal.

As reported on YTN, the "Like Father, Like Son" actor, who was booked under suspicion of DUI, was found sleeping in his car on the streets somewhere in the Gangnam District.

Upon taking a Breathalyzer test, his alcohol level was found to be at 0.067 percent - enough to get his license revoked.

Although not arrested, the police will soon contact the actor for further investigation.

Back in 2009, Ye made the news when he was arrested for smuggling and using ecstasy and ketamine. He returned to showbiz following his sentence in 2014.

It was only last week that Korean singer and 2PM member Jun. K was arrested for drunk driving.

(Photo source: YTN)