"Yanxi Palace" spin-off coming to Netflix

18 Dec – A spin-off to the hit 2018 period drama, "Story of Yanxi Palace" will be streaming on Netflix soon.

According to the streaming service, the series, "Yanxi Palace Princess Adventures" will star Wang Herun as Princess Zhaohua, the daughter of Qianlong Emperor and Wei Yingluo's daughter, who founds herself entangled in a love triangle with Fukang An and Prince He.

The upcoming series, which will have only six episodes, will also star Wang Yizhe and Wang Yuwei.

Meanwhile, actress Wu Jinyan and actor Nie Yuan will be reprising their roles as Qianlong and Wei Yingluo.

The original hit series, which was released in mid 2018, tells the story of a woman who enters the palace as an embroiderer intent to investigate her sister's mysterious death, only to get herself caught in the politics and romance of the court.

"Yanxi Palace Princess Adventures" will be available from 31 December.