Yang Mi to star in "Thank You, Doctor"

16 Nov – Yang Mi is set to star alongside Bai Yu in the upcoming medical drama, "Thank You, Doctor".

The actress shared the good news on Weibo by reposting details about the drama from its official Weibo page, which listed her as a character named Dr Xiao Yan.

She wrote, "Hello, I am Dr. Xiao Yan."

In the drama, Yang's character is revealed to be a person who has pure love for the field and believes that doctors are always running a marathon with death.

Co-star Bai Yu also did the same on his social media account, revealing that he will play the role of Dr. Bai Zhu, a stubborn and cold person who seemed to have a condescending attitude towards others.

This will be the first time both actors are working with each other, and for Yang to play the role of a medical doctor.

The said drama is also revealed to be an adaptation of a novel titled "ICU 48 Hours".

(Photo Source: Sina Weibo)