Yang Mi to star in another TV series adaptation

8 Nov – Following the success of her television series like "Eternal Love" and "Legend of Fu Yao", Chinese actress Yang Mi is set to return to television with a new drama, "Once A Youth".

As reported on ET Today, the drama, which is based on a novel written by Jie Yehui, tells the story of Xie Qiao, a woman who passed on a relationship to achieve her goal to become a great writer, but realised her true feelings following a big earthquake.

Although only Yang Mi has been cast to play the lead role, many are speculating that she will be working alongside actor Deng Lun, who made a name for himself through "Ashes of Love".

The upcoming drama is set to film around mainland China and will have 33 episodes.

Aside from the new drama, Yang Mi is starring in "The Master Craftsman" in 2019. She will also make a cameo appearance in the sequel to "Eternal Love", titled "Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book".