Yahoo Poll: What was the most controversial headline made by a Singapore personality in 2019?

A screengrab from a music video posted on Facebook by Preetipls and Subhas Nair, in which the siblings mocked an advertisement for an e-payment website. (PHOTO: Facebook / Preetipls)

SINGAPORE — In 2019, Singapore had a multitude of celebrities and notable personalities caught in the news for the wrong reasons. The kerfuffles that were raised over these issues either showed us the worst in individuals or highlighted larger societal problems. Which of these controversies, in your opinion, was the most significant? Share your view in our poll below.

If you think there were any controversies that we left out of our list, let us know in the comments section below.

See the stories here to read again about the controversies on the list:

Irvins Salted Egg CEO, Irvin Gunawan, aware of dead lizards in snacks months before public apology

Actor Aloysius Pang dies in New Zealand after tragic military training incident

Police investigate Preetipls and Subhas Nair’s 'offensive' rap video criticising brownface

Actor Dennis Chew caught in brownface backlash over NETS E-Pay advertisement

Ian Fang and Carrie Wong apologise after scandalous 'vulgar' private texts leaked

Actor Huang Yiliang charged over two incidents of fighting in public

Actress Joanne Peh's nude sex scene in period drama Last Madame

Singer Benjamin Kheng depicting the late Kurt Cobain with a gun posture in photo shoot

Singer Nathan Hartono accused of wearing brownface in photo shoot depicting Freddie Mercury

Actor Aliff Aziz's multiple run-ins with the law, including theft and 'drunken brawl'

Gay DJ Joshua Simon withdraws from talk at Singapore Polytechnic over censorship

Bisexual singer Leon Markcus withdraws from campus concert after SIM censorship

Actress Rosalind Pho fined and banned from driving for drink driving

Singer Sarah Aqilah fined $30,600 for GST evasion while importing branded goods