Xiao Zhan's work impacted by fanfiction controversy

6 Mar – Chinese actor Xiao Zhan found himself dragged into unwanted controversy, after his fans sparked anger among many for causing the ban of the fan fiction site, "Archive of Our Own" (AO3) in China.

As reported on HK01, the issue sparked in February when a fanfiction author of a BL (Boys Love) genre released a new story on AO3 and China's fanfiction site Lofter revolving around "The Untamed" actor and his co-star Wang Yibo, in which Wang is written as a young student who falls in love with a cross-dressing male (Xiao).

Another fan then created a design for the fanfiction where Xiao's face was edited into a woman's body.

However, this angered another segment of Xiao's fans, who felt that it was degrading towards the actor. They later decided to report the fanfiction for its indecency, resulting in the Chinese government banning a large number of fanfiction on Lofters and blocking China's access to AO3.

This action had since been condemned by the international communities, with many of them slamming the actor's fans for reporting the site to the government.

Though Xiao hasn't had any direct involvement in this matter, and has even apologised for the controversy through his studio, the actor found his work to have been affected by the issue.

Many netizens have now decided to retaliate through hurting his works - with his dramas like "The Untamed" and "Joy of Life" being rated low, while his endorsements are facing boycotts.

(Photo Source: hk01)