Xian Gaza now seeks Nadine Lustre's affection

Heidi Hsia

12 Feb – Self-proclaimed attention seeker Xian Gaza has done it again - courting female celebrities openly on social media and this time it is the newly-single Nadine Lustre.

As reported on Pika Daily, the businessman, who previously announced that he had bought a new P1.95 million Red Ford Mustang, shared a photo of the said Mustang surrounded by flowers on 10 February and declared his love for the actress.

Calling the arrangement "a bouquet of Mustang", he wrote, "Dear Nadine Lustre. First of all, Happy Valentine's Week! Hope you like it and may you accept this 'Bouquet of Mustang' gift for you."

"Since my teenage days, I have really been [an attention seeker]. Whenever I really like someone, I will do my best to get the attention of the woman I want in the grandest way possible within my means. Just like my wild efforts to Ella Cruz way back 2016 and so with my epic fail billboard for Erich last 2017. Three years after, here I am again. Noticing this time for you."

Gaza stated that he understands how his gesture could be mocked by the public, but that this is how he expresses himself.

"People probably think this Ford Mustang is too much, as if you were buying yours and your womanhood. Nope! It's just that my financial capacity at the moment is a little bit good and I believe that you deserve to be the first ever person in the Philippines to receive a 'Bouquet of Mustang' as a Valentines gift because that's how high I value you as a woman. All I want is to be your acquaintance, nothing more nothing less," he added.

Back in 2017, Gaza attempted to ask actress Erich Gonzales out for a coffee date by using a massive billboard to propose, only to fail after Jessica Cruz, the mother of actress Ella Cruz stepped up and called Gaza a scammer and a stalker for trying to woo her young daughter in the past.

(Photo Source: Xian Gaza Facebook)