Xbox Series X 'Brooklin' is a console 'refresh' with a curved design, no disk drive, and a release planned for next year

 Xbox Series X.
Xbox Series X.

A 'refresh' for the Xbox Series X, codenamed 'Brooklin', has leaked via legal documents.

Documents released as part of the Xbox FTC leak feature attachments documenting upcoming game projects, as well as plans for a new version of the Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X Brooklin appears to feature a new, circular design, as well as increased internal storage of 2TB.

Xbox's slides about the Xbox Series X refresh suggest that it will launch at the same price as the base console, but will feature a faster wireless connection, more storage, an updated controller, and a more sustainable design that will reduce PSU power and the energy draw of the console's standby mode.

That controller, dubbed Sebille, is described as "more immersive." Sebille is due to be announced later this year, and will feature gyro support, Bluetooth 5.2, and a direct Cloud connection. Microsoft also lists "precision haptic feedback," and haptics that double as speakers. New modular thumbsticks are intended to provide "improved longevity" for the device.

The controller is expected to launch in late May, ahead of a June 2024 "Xbox gaming beat" that appears to be the company's offering for E3 2024. After that, a slight refresh of the Xbox Series S is due in August, with the launch of Xbox Series X Brooklin planned for late October, ahead of Black Friday and Christmas season sales.

Hardware isn't the only leak that Xbox has suffered today. A series of planned projects from Zenimax suggests that The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion and Fallout 3 remasters are both in development, alongside new Doom and Dishonored games.

Here's a list of confirmed upcoming Xbox Series X games.