Xbox Game Pass free games for September 2023

Xbox Game Pass free games for September 2023Bethesda

Xbox Game Pass' free games for the first half of September 2023 have been confirmed.

Starting this month, there are now four versions of Game Pass. Games with Gold (that lets you play online) is being rebranded as Game Pass Core, which gives access to a selection of 30 games.

Then there's Game Pass for console and Game Pass for PC, and Ultimate, which is a combination of the two that adds streaming on top. All these tiers allow access to hundreds of games that rotate in and out, and those comers and goers are what we are focusing on now.


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The first and biggest game of the month is already out, and that's Starfield (cloud, Xbox Series X|S, PC). Bethesda's space-set RPG shooter hybrid debuted to high Metacritic scores, with reviews praising its ambition and scale.

Xbox head Phil Spencer thinks the game will be as long-lasting as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and it's definitely off to a good start.

Next up is Solar Ash (cloud, console, PC) on September 14, which is the day the Xbox Series X|S version premieres. Set in the same universe as Hyper Light Drifter, this game is all about skating through beautiful, surreal environments in space. If you need something to unwind with at the end of a long day, this could be your game.

lies of p, pinocchio

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Lies of P (cloud, console, PC) comes to Game Pass on its release day of September 19. This is the game which features the Timothée Chalamet-looking Pinocchio with Soulslike combat.

A demo back in June showed potential, though we don't know how the final game will be received. At least subscribers can try it on day one without paying extra.

It's worth noting that classic strategy game Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition (cloud, console) is also available for subscribers, having dropped on the service without a prior announcement last month.

In terms of the games leaving this month, September 15 will see Game Pass say goodbye (for now?) to: Amazing Cultivation Simulator, Aragami 2, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Anniversary Edition, DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventure of Krypto and Ace, Fuga: Melodies of Steel, Metal Hellsinger, Sid Meier’s Civilization 6, and Tainted Grail: Conquest and Train Sim World 3.

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