The Wynners' Gold Song trophy found discarded in Kam Tin

24 Dec – Following the mystery surrounding the 2013 Hit Awards' Best Newcomer accolade that was found abandoned back in February, another music accolade has been discovered discarded in a garbage dump.

As reported on Mingpao, on 22 December, a photo went viral showing an 11th Top Ten Gold Song Awards' trophy found amid several bags of garbage in New Territories' town of Kam Tin, with the title of the song "A Thousand Years Unchanged" by The Wynners written across it.

The photo sparked a heated debate among netizens, who wanted to know who actually kept the trophy and why it was abandoned in such a way. Others also expressed their disappointment that there are artistes who have no respect for the awards.

The media tried to contact fellow The Wynners member Alan Tam, who also composed the song, about the discarded award, but received no response.

On the other hand, RTHK, which was responsible for the said annual music awards, stated that it is necessary for them to get in touch with the record company first before making any response.

Back in February this year, netizens found a trophy for 2013 Hit Awards' Best Newcomer abandoned under the North Point Bridge. However, none of the singers who won the accolade admitted that it belonged to them.

(Photo Source: Singtao)