Wyman Wong and Joyce Cheng to discuss changes in concert

14 Nov – Hong Kong lyricist Wyman Wong recently revealed that he and Joyce Cheng will be meeting to discuss the changes to her April 2018 concert due to the singer's unexpected leg injury.

As reported on Mingpao, the former DJ, who appeared at a mall Christmas event recently, shared that Joyce initially wanted to hold a memorable show in the likes of her seniors.

"Her plan was to have a classic performance of Sammi Cheng, Miriam Yeung, Faye Wong and the lot. Even with her physique, she could sing and dance for 20 minutes without stopping," he said.

However, Joyce recently had to undergo surgery and physical therapy for her leg following an accident during her overseas trip, and that means there may be some things that needs to be cancelled.

"We will meet again to discuss the change. Even if she couldn't dance, I hope that the power of her voice will overwhelm the stage. Hopefully it will be a great success," he said.

As to Joyce's situation at the moment, Wyman said that the singer is being optimistic and knows how to turn off negative thoughts.

(Photo Source: ST Headline)