WWE twins Nikki and Brie Bella both pregnant

Brie and Nikki Bella

Retired WWE stars Nikki Bella and Brie Bella are both pregnant.

It will be the first child for Nikki, who is engaged to former Dancing with the Stars pro Artem Chigvintsev, while Brie and her husband Daniel Bryan, who have been married for six years, are expecting their second child.

Speaking to People, the twins explained they are due one and a half weeks apart from each other, with Brie quipping: "Wait, twins being pregnant at the same time? People are going to think that's a joke.

"We both are shocked. People are going to think we planned it, but you can't really plan pregnancy!"

Nikki added: "(It was) a total surprise. It took even me a good week to come to terms with like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm pregnant.' I'm not ready for it."

The 36-year-old went on to explain that she and Artem hadn't been trying to get pregnant.

"I was in yoga, and I kept getting this feeling that you need to take a pregnancy test, but I wasn't even late (on my period) yet," she said. "And so, I'm like, 'Why do I keep having this feeling? Am I getting twin vibes from her? Because she just told me she's pregnant?'"

Nikki previously dated wrestler-turned-actor John Cena, with the pair getting engaged at the WrestleMania 33 event in April 2017. However, they couple parted ways a year later.

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