Wu Yue honoured to work with Donnie Yen in "Ip Man 4"

30 Nov – Donnie Yen's co-star Wu Yue is thankful to be given the opportunity to work alongside the martial arts star in what would be his last kung fu movie, "Ip Man 4".

As reported on On CC, the actor, who plays a martial arts master in the fourth instalment of the said franchise, said that he has always wanted to work with Donnie ever since he watched the first "Ip Man" film.

"The most memorable quote in the movie was "I wish to fight ten men". People in the theatre stood up and applauded when they heard it, so I thought to myself if it was really that good. I started watching the movie, and went twice after that," he said.

Wu also sang praises for Donnie, saying that the actor was very considerate towards his co-stars and crew.

On the other hand, Danny Chan, whose resemblance to Bruce Lee enabled him to play the said apprentice of the Wing Chun master, said that he even felt like Donnie's protege in real life.

"As soon as Donnie arrives on set, everyone will quiet down to show their respect to him as an apprentice would," he added.