Wu Yue elated to win at the Asia Pacific Film Festival

16 Jan – Wu Yue recently expressed his happiness over winning Best Action Actor at the 59th Asia Pacific Film Festival for his performance in "Ip Man 4: The Finale".

As reported on Singtao Daily, the actor who spoke to the media following the event, stated that he is not just happy to win the award, but to also experience the event itself - which was co-established by the late Hong Kong film mogul, Sir Run Run Shaw.

Speaking about working with Donnie Yen in the movie, Wu said that he was very happy to be given the opportunity, being a fan of the martial arts actor himself.

"It's very hard to spar with Donnie's Wing Chun, and the speed is hard to match. But he would yield and coordinate with me in order to create a good result," he said, referring to the classic scene of his character trading blows with Donnie's Ip Man.

When mentioned that he has been dubbed "the film industry's lucky star" due to the fact that his movies and co-stars always win at film awards, Wu said that he felt no pressure with the nickname given to him.

"I only hope to make good movies, whether it's a drama or an action genre. I am just happy to receive good offers," he added.

Asked who is the next actor he would like to work with in the future, the actor responded, "I want to work with many actors, but especially Jiang Wen. I really like him."