Wu Chun denies arranging for children to have the same birth dates

10 Mar – Wu Chun has recently dismissed allegations that he endangered wife Lin Liyin's life just to have their children share their birthdays.

As reported on Mingpao, the issue sparked recently when some netizens claimed that the Bruneian singer purposely arranged in the past for his daughter Nei Nei to be born on 10 October to share his birth date, while son Max shares the same birthday with his wife on 11 October.

This, they alleged, was done by arranging for Lin to undergo her C-section earlier than her due date, which led to complications during one of the births.

Following the rumours, Wu's studio issued a statement on 7 March to dismiss it, saying that the allegations are groundless.

"Wu Chun and his wife have always had mutual love and affection for one another. Their children were born healthy at full term under careful care. This dissemination of false news have caused great damage to their reputation," the company stated.

They also urged the media and public alike to stop spreading such rumours, adding that the company has the right to pursue legal action against those who spread it.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)