Wu Chun apologises for marriage date mishap

11 Mar – Wu Chun has recently apologised for the mishap concerning the year of his marriage to wife Lin Liyin.

As reported on Mingpao, the issue sparked earlier this week when the singer and his wife appeared on a mainland reality show to talk about their marriage. Although Wu had said in the past that he married Lin in 2009, the marriage certificate that was shown on screen revealed that they tied the knot in 2004.

This sparked a heated debate among fans and netizens alike, who claimed that Wu lied to them as the date shown on the certificate meant that he was already married when he made his debut with Fahrenheit.

In a live stream he made on 10 March alongside his wife, Wu apologised for the mistake, saying that he and Lin really did forget the date they registered their marriage, stressing that the two of them don't even celebrate their anniversary.

Lin added that they only realised the actual date when the crew members showed them the certificate. Wu added that even the crew were dumbfounded as to how the two of them could forget such a thing.

"I never had any intention to hide it. I swear it to my mother in heaven. There is no way for me to hide this anyway," he said.

Wu explained that when he held a press conference to reveal his marriage in 2013, a reporter asked him when he registered the marriage. The singer stated that he was embarrassed to say that he forgot, so he just casually said 2009.

"I really wasn't trying to hide it. I hope you will understand and empathise," he added.