Wrangler celebrates the bold with new global campaign

Wrangler is championing the spirit of the Wild West with its new campaign.

The fashion label has launched 'Wear With Abandon,' a global campaign that captures the adventurous optimism of the cowboy spirit. Shot by American filmmaker and screenwriter Michael Lawrence, it stars a cast of adventurous souls of all ages, and hones in on the emotions preceding life-defining moments.

"The introduction of our first-ever global advertising campaign is a significant milestone for our Wrangler brand," said Tom Waldron, global brand president at Wrangler, in a statement. "The Wear With Abandon campaign demonstrates the emotional reasons that rock stars, riders, and everyday heroes around the world have identified with this iconic brand for more than 70 years, and marks the innovative rebirth of the cowboy spirit coming to life."

The campaign is live in the US, and will roll out globally over the next few months. It is the latest big move for Wrangler, which has caught headlines this year for its high-profile fashion collaboration with the rapper and singer Lil Nas X and a new 65-model watch collection unveiled this summer.