Wow, Nyle DiMarco's Netflix and Chill Go-To Has Me Wanting to Ask Him on a Date, Like, ASAP

Megan Uy
·1-min read

From Cosmopolitan

Who doesn't love it when celebs dish some wild tea? In Cosmo's video series, Through My Queue, we get a bunch of stars to talk about their favorite shows. Yeah, okay, it may seem a bit basic and uninteresting at first, but believe gets real juicy. Like in this episode, actor and model Nyle DiMarco talked about his go-to Netflix and chill show and, just, wow. I'm gonna need him to ask me on a date ASAP. 😏

If you just need something on the TV to help you fall asleep, our mans Nyle suggests to put on Avatar: The Last Airbender. What a classique. And if you need a documentary at the top of your head to recommend to people at a fancy party, he says to go with Unnatural Selection. He wasn't the biggest fan of it, but he said it'd make you look smart!

Most importantly, if anyone is ever doing some Netflix and chilling with Nyle, they'll be viewing some Sex Education. Great choice, my guy. I see you! Peep the rest to learn more about his viewing preferences and make sure to stream his new documentary Deaf U on Netflix now.

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