World’s first vertical theme park to open in China and other top lifestyle news to know

The Hunger Games.

By: Jade Yong

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World’s first vertical theme park to open in China

Zhuhai in China will see the world’s first vertical theme park open right in their city, with “Hunger Games” and “Twilight” themed adventures in store for visitors. The Lionsgate Movie World will feature 25 rides and virtual reality experiences set within a 10-storey attraction, plucked from the Lionsgate Studio universe.

‘The Last Watch’ to air on HBO

The Last Watch is a two-hour documentary about the Game of Thrones franchise finale. For a year while the hefty production was in progress, documentary maker Jeanie Finlay went about filming the creation of the show’s most complicated season yet, to show us the sweat, tears, mud and grime that went into it.

Football scandal film wins Cannes top award

An Easy Girl was named the best film in the Directors’ Fortnight section with big screen debutante Zahia Dehar receive praise from the judges. Dehar made headlines when it was revealed that the French soccer stars Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema paid her for sex when she was under-age at 17 years old.

SpaceX launches first satellites

SpaceX has launched its latest rocket which held the first 60 satellites of it’s “Starlink” constellation. This will begin to allow internet functionality from space and might one day even amount to 12,000 satellites orbiting our planet. The rocket took off without incident at 10:30pm Thursday - which is 10:30am Friday, Singapore time - at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Supparetreat provides women a safe space for self exploration and empowerment

Live your best life at Supparetreat, which is a wellness retreat that aims to positively change your mindset. What the women-only Supparetreat does differently is carve out a mix of programmes that not only reset your mindset, but additionally, with the goal to empower women in a safe space.