World Oceans Day: preserving the oceans with Energy Observer

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World Oceans Day is June 8.

For this World Oceans Day, the Energy Observer boat takes us to the Pacific Ocean to talk about micro-plastic pollution. An opportunity to turn the spotlight on a little known problem, the damaging effects of which are just beginning to emerge in the world's collective consciousness. Come on board and follow Katia Nicolet for this report.

PRESERVE | World Oceans Day

"The problem with synthetic material is that it never biodegrades." Every year, nearly 20 billion tonnes of waste are dumped into the oceans, including 8 tonnes of plastic! An ecological and human tragedy, as the oceans produce half of the oxygen we breathe. On this World Oceans Day, Katia Nicolet, our onboard host, explains how plastic gyres are formed and how to detect the presence of micro-plastics using a manta net.

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