Employee's mortifying fail on colleague's condolence card

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor
A worker's message in a condolence card has gone viral. Photo: Twitter/@CaIIumHowden

We’re all used to having cards landing on our desks at work and signing them without a second thought.

However, one worker’s fail has gone viral, after they wrote ‘Happy Birthday’ on a condolence card for a colleague.

Twitter user Callum Howden took to his account to post an image of a card his mum, Shelley, received at work after her mother passed away.

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“My nan recently passed away and my mum received a sorry for your loss card from her work, and look at this, you had one job zoe ffs,” Callum wrote.

On the inside of the card, numerous messages written by Shelley’s colleuages can be seen written down.

“Sorry for your loss. Thinking of you, Craig,” one person wrote.

“Shelley, Thinking of you and all your family at this sad time. Sending all my love, Stacey,” another message read.

However, it seems a person called Zoe didn’t get the memo, as her message was totally out of place at the bottom corner of the card.

“To Shelley. Hope you have a good birthday my love. From Zoe,” she wrote.

This is a lesson in why you should always look at the front of a card before you write inside it. Photo: Twitter/@CaIIumHowden

Needless to say, people couldn't believe Zoe didn’t even check the front of the card before writing in it but they also saw the funny side of it.

“ZOE!! She's the one eating crisps in an otherwise quiet office & doing her nails while on the phone, right,” one person said.

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“Sorry for your family’s loss. As someone who probably gets 6 or 7 cards a week to sign for various birthdays, leaving, condolences etc I have found myself in a similar situation all be it nothing as bad as this although I do always check the front of the card now just in case,” another person wrote on Twitter.

“Oh god, that means someone got a birthday card with ‘sorry for your loss’. Sorry for your loss ....,” a Twitter user said.