I Have Words for Whoever Invented This TikTok Toilet Paper Hack

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Would You Put Your Toilet Paper in Your Fridge?Smart Fox Lifehacks via TikTok

Before I hop on my little bathroom soapbox, let me make one thing clear: I'm very particular about my toilet paper. And, no, I'm not just referring to the ply I buy— though of course that is incredibly important. I'm talking about how I store my toilet paper (in its original wrapping to keep dust far away) and even how I place each roll on my holder (always over, never under).

So when I saw that Smart Fox Lifehacks posted a TikTok of the "best toilet paper tips," I was curious. (I may be picky about my toilet paper, but I'm open-minded about most other things!) While there are some hacks that might be worth a try–like flattening your roll so you don't accidentally unroll too many squares—the post also recommended a "hotel industry" tip of storing toilet paper in your fridge. (Yes, that's right: In the fridge.)

"Toilet paper absorbs unpleasant odors," the narrator explains, noting that it's important to replace a toilet paper roll every two to three weeks. "In this way, you ensure that your fridge no longer smells unpleasant."

*Steps on soapbox.* Listen, I get it: No matter how diligent you are about clearing out expired groceries or leftovers that are far past their prime, refrigerators can get a little stinky. That said, there are many ways to freshen up fridge—and a roll of toilet paper isn't it. Even if the science tracks, and toilet paper really can absorb al those food stenches, that's a lot of precious real-estate to give up in your fridge. (A box of baking soda can get the same job done in a fraction of the space.)

But the biggest and most pressing question I have is what do you do with the toilet paper after? Throw it away? That feels wasteful, especially if you like to treat yourself to a multi-ply or premium brand. Or do you use it after? Well, that's borderline terrifying—not to mention gross. (Could you imagine using a toilet paper roll that was smelly or covered in splash of spaghetti sauce? That's going to be a no from me.) Though I don't think you should let someone else's opinions sway your design decisions, you have to admit that your inner circle will be very confused to see a toilet paper roll in your fridge.

Finally, I have yet to see proof that this is something hotels actually do. (Please prove me wrong if you have!)

One thing I can promise is that just because you're not down to stuff your fridge with a bunch of toilet paper doesn't mean your kitchen will be smelly. Prioritize your home's hygiene by wiping your shelves and crispers as well as clearing our old or expired food on a weekly basis. And, if you need to call in some reinforcements, here are a few stealthy ways to make your home smell delicious.

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