Wong Jing says "The Golden Monk" is a childhood dream

11 Nov – Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Jing recently revealed that making his new movie "The Golden Monk" was a dream come true for him.

As reported on Phoenix, the filmmaker, who appeared at the press conference of the said movie, shared that it has been a childhood dream of his to make a fantasy movie about monsters. However, he wasn't able to do it in the past as there were limits as to what one can do when it comes to special effects.

"But now, filmmaking is different than what is used to be, so I was able to fulfill that childhood dream," he said.

Aside from the fantastical elements of the movie, Wong shared that "The Golden Monk" also has emotional storyline.

Directed by Wong Jing and Billy Chung, "The Golden Monk" tells the story of a monk who realises he is the reincarnation of a fairy spirit cast down from heaven. The cast includes Zheng Kai, Kitty Zhang, and Wong Cho Lam.

The movie is set to be released on 23 November.