Wong Cho Lam gives Kate Tsui his blessings

27 Dec – Wong Cho Lam recently expressed his well wishes to his former artiste Kate Tsui, who has announced that she is leaving the entertainment industry.

As reported on Singtao Daily, the actor, who signed Kate to his management company back in 2017, responded to the media's question about the actress' position in her company, saying that she has not renewed her contract after it expired earlier.

When asked if Kate was dissatisfied with his inability to get her more work since she signed with him, Wong stated that he previously promised to cast Kate in a movie tailor-made for her but had to delay the plans due to unforeseen circumstances.

As for Kate's plans to move from Hong Kong and pursue a doctoral degree, he said, "Kate is a good girl with great ideas and passion in learning. It's good for her to enter a new stage in her life and pursue her dream. I would sincerely bless her."

Prior to signing with Wong, Kate was an artiste with TVB for ten years following her Miss Hong Kong win in 2004.

(Photo Source: Singtao Daily)