Women Are Sharing The Sex Moves They Wish Men Didn't Copy From Porn, And There Are No Lies Detected

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share some of the things they wish men would stop copying from porn. Here are some of the most heated responses:(Warning: NSFW language below.)

Note: Some of these responses are from Reddit users.


"Thinking that we orgasm from two minutes of penetration alone."


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"If there’s anything we should agree on, it’s the lack of moaning. I really don’t get how men can be so silent, but when they aren’t, it’s the BIGGEST turn on."


Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

"I really don’t understand the appeal of dick slapping. Help me understand."


Comedy Central

"I once had a guy use his tongue to rapidly flick my nipple like a deranged lizard on steroids."


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"What kind of porn are they watching that makes them think fingering is so aggressive? Take it easy!"


Oleksandr Sharkov via Getty Images

"Going faster when you tell them something feels good/you’re gonna cum. Pro tip: Don’t change a goddamn thing. Keep up the same pace."


Wong Yu Liang via Getty Images

"Choking without asking. Just because it’s a porn trend doesn’t mean we all want to be surprise asphyxiated. If you really want to, then ask first."


bymuratdeniz via Getty Images

"Excessive dirty talk. It just feels like narration to me."



"Asking what's the biggest dick I've ever had. Why do you care? This ain't a dick-measuring contest."


New Line Cinema

"Calling someone a 'whore' or a 'bitch' without checking if they’re into it. My reaction will always be, 'Excuse me, but who the fuck do you think you are? Please remove yourself from my premises.'"


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"Spitting on genitals. Just DON'T. Or at least don't without asking."


Yana Iskayeva via Getty Images

"Forcefully grabbing my head like a basketball to cum in my mouth. The first and last time that happened to me, I really wasn't expecting it."



"Thinking we just instantly get in the mood. You walk into the room and think I’ll just immediately want you. No. I’m still thinking about that embarrassing thing I did last week. I need more than three minutes to get into it!"


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"Pulling my hair like the friggin' reins on an irritable horse kills the mood for me. Guys in porn hold onto the hair because it keeps it out of the woman's face for the camera. When you yank my head back like you're about to waterboard me, I won't enjoy anything after and you'll owe me a chiropractor for a month."


And finally,
And finally,

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And finally, "Spreading our butt cheeks apart while doing doggie or reverse cowgirl...Do you want me to fart, bro?"