Women Gone Wild Book Launches As An Amazon Best Seller

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We are living in a constantly changing world. The last decades have witnessed a change in the architecture of society. Especially when it comes to how business is run, where the predominant masculine formula is being hit by the increasing rise of empowered women.

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Women’s transformation is more alive today than ever. And it hasn’t been an easy journey. Many women have given themselves the task to help other women embrace their own power and connect with their true selves. Rhonda Swan is leading the charge for this thorough change and she’s just triumphing.

Rhonda Swan is the CEO and founder of the Unstoppable Branding Agency, a renowned international speaker, host to the Rhonda Swan Show, a business strategist, and a bestselling author. She is referred to as the “Unstoppable Momma” and there’s a good reason for it. She has been listed under Forbes’ ‘Influential Women to Watch in 2021’ as well as The New York Times’ ‘Top 12 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021’ list, and her agency has been ranked on Forbes’ ‘Top 7 PR & Branding Firms for Entrepreneurs in 2021’.

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Rhonda’s last book Women Gone Wild: The Feminine Guide To Fearless Living, which was just launched last August 17, has already gotten to Amazon Best Seller rank. We can easily agree she did it again.

From Invisible to Invincible

Women Gone Wild: The Feminine Guide to Fearless Living focuses on accompanying women who feel trapped and alone in this patriarchal society and mainly letting them know they are not alone. The book is a series of testimonials of 24 women who, as Rhonda puts it, have gone from invisible to invincible.

The book is filled with women testifying about their lives, their journeys, and the struggles that they have overcome over their lives in a world ruled by men. Their stories tell the path they have walked to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Joining the Feminine Leadership

Twenty-four women have decided to share their wisdom and offer other women a hand during their growth and reconnection with their power. To mention a few of them that can be found on Women Gone Wild:

Hanalei Swan, Rhonda’s 14-year-old daughter has been following in her mother’s footsteps. Being just a teenager, she is already known as the number one bestselling author of How to ‘Be’ & ‘Raise’ An Unstoppable Kid, she is also an international speaker, author, fashion designer, and model.

Diana von Welanetz Wentworth is a life coach focused on reinvention and founder and director of the Inside Edge, a weekly breakfast forum in Southern California, designed to inspire future leaders. Diana has also won several awards for her bestselling books. To mention some: Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbook: 101 Stories with Recipes from the Heart, Send Me Someone: A True Story of Love Here and Hereafter, and The Von Welanetz Guide to Ethnic Ingredients: How to Buy and Prepare More Than 1,000 Foods from Around the World.

Jodi Vetterl is also a bestselling author and international speaker. Jodi founded Beyond the Banks Academy, an 8-week guided transformational program that promotes financial freedom and success by following the tips and strategies given in her book.

Camille Robb is the CEO of Just Fabulous Care, JFC Global Concierge Service, JFC Global Academy, an international speaker, mentor, and entrepreneur. She is advocated to help underprivileged and vulnerable children by running a food pantry program, in which she also provides toys and clothes.

And there are twenty more for you to discover!

Strong Feminine Representation

It’s not a surprise that many women were looking forward to the release of Women Gone Wild as it is already achieving its main goal: to empower women, to motivate women, and influence them into finding their own success. Readers are already feeling represented by these strong women.

“This mosaic of women authors is raw, insightful, and powerful. Their stories and advice will refocus your mentality and get better in touch with yourself,” says one of the reader’s reviews on Amazon.

Change is inevitable. And these women speakers, coaches, and leaders know it. They want to invite every woman that reads them to follow their dreams and passion and recommit to the life they once dreamt of.

The easy-to-read stories of these powerful women will inspire others to go after their dreams. They show it is possible to turn their passions into profits while holding on to their family values. “We have set our mission out to help more families and women be with their children, and build businesses,” Rhonda says.

Women Gone Wild is about breaking the patriarchal constructs. It’s already inspiring women to heal themselves to overcome all that trapped trauma that has led them to block their divine feminine energy. And most of all, never losing sight of what really matters: women have gone wild and they are unstoppable now.

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