Women over 50 reveal the list of things you should do before hitting the milestone birthday

A poll of 50+ women has revealed the things women wished they'd done by their milestone birthday [Photo: Getty]

Fifty plus women have revealed some of the must-dos they think younger women should tick off before they hit the big 50.

The nationwide study of British females revealed a definitive list of things every woman should achieve before reaching the milestone birthday and pole dancing, skinny dipping and getting a tattoo are some of the musts the adventurous age group are advocating.

According to those who have made it to their sixth decade, learning what’s important in life tops the list, voted for by 63% of the women polled.

That was quickly followed by understanding their own worth, which was important to just over half (55%) of all fifty-plus women.

Forgiveness emerged as another key life lesson, with just over a third (36%) saying by the time they reached their 50s they had extended an olive branch to someone they had a long standing feud with.

Offering hope for unhappy employees, almost half (48%) of the women quizzed said that by the time they reached a half century, they had quit the job they hated and were doing something they loved.

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Finding love second time around featured on the list [Photo: Getty]

Of the experiences women felt others should have ticked off the should-do list, around a quarter (26%) thought sipping a cocktail on a tropical beach was a must, as was flying business class to New York (21%) and going to a festival (20%).

The topic of love also featured heavily with almost a quarter (23%) claiming finding love second time around was a key hope.

When it comes to their personal achievements, almost half (49%) of the 1,500 over fifties females polled by confectionery company Elizabeth Shaw, said they now know their own strengths, while 41% insisted they are now comfortable in their own skin and eight out of ten (81%) said they no longer worry about superficial things.

A further 45% admitted they no longer sweat the small stuff, with as many as 64% claiming they would advise their younger selves to stop worrying about the little things in life.

Those who fear ageing will no doubt be pleased to hear that for 42% of the women polled, their 50s is their favourite decade, with well over a third admitting their sex life is better than ever.

Commenting on the findings Elizabeth Shaw Managing Director, Karen Crawford said: “Our research shows that women over 50 are tearing up the rule book and setting their own rules for living, now more than ever. What’s more, they’re telling us that the best is yet to come.”

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The art of forgiveness was also important to fifty something women [Photo: Getty]

30 things every woman should do before hitting 50

1. Learn what’s important to you in life - 63%

2. Know your worth - 55%

3. Quit the job you hate - 48%

4. Forgive someone who has wronged you - 36%

5. Sip a cocktail on a tropical beach - 26%

6. Have a complete makeover - 25%

7. Find love again - 23%

8. Be your own boss - 22%

9. Fly business class to New York - 21%

10. Go to a festival - 20%

11. Dance until sunrise - 19%

12. Make time for volunteering - 19%

13. Learn to meditate - 18%

14. Learn a language - 18%

15. Get a tattoo - 16%

16. Date a younger man - 16%

17. Have a career change - 16%

18. Visit the Maldives - 13%

19. Dance on a table - 12%

20. Write your life story - 12%

21. Have a holiday romance - 11%

22. Drive a convertible – 11%

23. Go skinny dipping – 10%

24. Learn to salsa dance – 10%

25. Introduce role play to your marriage – 10%

26. Sneak backstage at a gig – 8%

27. Try a pole-dancing class – 5%

28. Learn to scuba dive – 5%

29. Go to a burlesque club – 5%

30. Run a marathon – 4%