Woman trolled after worrying her 'tacky' dress would upstage bride at wedding

The dress which divided opinion on Mumsnet. [Photo: Chi Chi London]

When it comes to weddings, all eyes should be on the bride, right?

An anonymous woman took to the popular parenting blog Mumsnet to inquire about a dress she planned to wear as a guest to an upcoming wedding.

In the post, the woman said she was worried her dramatic floral print ensemble might upset the bride, and come across as an attempt to upstage the newlyweds on their big day.

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“Everyone I’ve asked (6 people) say it’s fine and I should definitely wear it but if I were the bride, I feel as though I’d think whoever wore it was trying to steal the limelight,” the woman wrote of her chosen dress. “Although you can never truly upstage a bride.”

Although stipulating that she would wear flats to make the dress look more casual at the reception, she was immediately met with criticism for her seemingly poor fashion taste.

A full length version of the dress in question. [Photo: Chi Chi London]

“It would be impossible to upstage the bride in this monstrosity,” one person said of the woman’s dress.

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“You’re worried about upstaging the bride/bridesmaids because it’s ‘look at me’- And not in a good way,” one opinionated reader wrote. “It looks like something that the pissed girls at Ladies’ Day at the races would wear. It’s tacky. With an even length hem all the way round, above or below the knee, it’s just a regular floral dress with a modest neckline. The raised hemline at the front says you want to show some flesh. At a wedding. Tacky. Sorry.”

“I think it's awful and unflattering and would look terrible with flats on. Don’t do it - send it back,” wrote another. “I promise I'm not being rude or mean I am giving my genuine answer.”

While the style and hemline remained up for debate by people who declared it “hideous” others said that when it comes to wedding guest attire, wearing anything but white is fair game.

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“Dresses are about colouring and confidence, if you look good in it, wear it. It's not remotely bridal and neither is it 'out there' for a wedding!” one helpful person offered.

“Weddings are full of young fun people as well as older relatives, I've seen full length evening type dresses, minis, lots of legs on show, backless, summer weddings aren't full of people in navy shift dresses, whatever the more conservative members of Mumsnet may have you believe.”