Woman's 'Avengers' proposal goes viral

Her now husband proposed to her using a Marvel-inspired ring. [Photo: Getty]
Her now husband proposed to her using a Marvel-inspired ring. [Photo: Getty]

It’s safe to say we’re all a little bit obsessed with Avengers: Endgame.

There’s perhaps no two bigger fans, though, than Ashley Ford and her now husband, Kelly.

Ashley took to social media to share a sweet image of the two of them moments after Kelly proposed to her.

They’re both wearing matching Avenger’s collectors rings. The rings both have the green gamma ray symbols on because they first bonded over their love of Hulk.

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Ashley wrote: “Did I ever tell you guys Kelly proposed with matching Avenger’s collector’s rings? With a green gamma ray symbol because we bonded over our shared love of Hulk?”

She went on to share that she’d previously told him not to bother proposing if the ring wasn’t made of Adamantium.

Adamantium is a fictional metal alloy that appears in the Marvel comics. It’s best known for bonding Wolverine’s skeleton and claws.

“But later told him I might make an exception for the right substitute.” Ashley admits.

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She finished the post by saying: “Anyway, he still wears his as a wedding ring, and I only wear mine on special occasions. We obviously both wore them to see the movie today.”

Cute, or what?

Her post has been shared thousands of times with people messaging her about how lovely the picture is of the two of them.

One user wrote: “Nothing better the nerd love not saying that as an insult I’m a nerd too and me and my girlfriend bonded over the love for Spiderman.”

“Ladies and gents, find yourself a couple like this.” Another wrote.

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