Woman is seen throwing boyfriend’s belongings out of window after alleged infidelity, sparking debate

Woman captures neighbour allegedly throwing cheating boyfriend’s belongings out the window (TikTok / @noraisnotavailable)
Woman captures neighbour allegedly throwing cheating boyfriend’s belongings out the window (TikTok / @noraisnotavailable)

A viral video showing a woman throwing her boyfriend’s belongings out of their apartment window after he allegedly cheated has sparked a debate.

Over the weekend, a woman named Nora, who goes by the username @noraisnotavailable on TikTok, uploaded a video of the unidentified woman, who is her neighbour, throwing the items out of her window.

In the clip, which was filmed from Nora’s own apartment in Atlanta, Georgia, the woman can be seen throwing a number of items to the ground, which Nora said included books, a lamp, a TV, a mirror, and a PS5.

“That’s a TV and PS5 out the window,” Nora wrote in a text caption on the clip, which includes vulgar language. “Allegedly don’t cheat … there are consequences allegedly.”

In the video, Nora can be heard whispering that the woman is “throwing out all her man’s s**t,” before noting that others in the apartment complex were also recording and watching the woman’s behaviour.

As the woman continued to throw things from the window, Nora said that she was surprised she hadn’t yelled at those who were recording her.

“I’m surprised she isn’t yelling at us [to be honest] for recording,” she wrote, adding: “We should be helping.”

Nora then wrote that she hoped the man “got what he deserved” and that someone on the woman’s floor should check on her to make sure she was okay.

The TikToker also added a privacy and safety disclaimer on the video, where she wrote that it was “fake” and the woman’s actions were “legal”.

“And nothing is happening and this is all for educational purposes about the dangers of infidelity,” she added as she continued to film the broken items on the ground.

The clip, which has since been viewed more than 416,000 times, has sparked a debate among viewers, as many appeared to be supportive of the woman’s behaviour, while others noted that she could face fines for destroying the property.

“Aww she’s just helping him move,” one person wrote, while another viewer joked: “I think it’s kind of sweet that she would give it back to him, she’s so kind and thoughtful.”

However, others were critical of the clip and the woman’s reaction, with one person writing: “Idk it’s not worth jail time and fines.”

“All I see is her getting sued,” another person commented, while someone else added: “This is so uncalled for.”

The Independent has contacted Nora for comment.

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