Woman jumps barricade to plead Louis Koo's assistance

13 Jul – Hong Kong actor Louis Koo admitted that he was clueless as to an earlier incident involving a woman who wanted to see him and plead financial assistance for her sick father.

As reported on Mingpao, the incident occurred last weekend when a woman holding a poster jumped the barricade at a donation ceremony event attended by the actor, in hopes that Louis will be able to lend her HKD 1 million so that she could pay for her father's treatment.

However, the woman was subdued by the security team before she could even attract Louis' attention.

When asked about it recently, Louis said that he knew something had happened, but had no idea what it was.

Upon being told about the woman's action, Louis responded, "That's dangerous!".

He admitted to have received similar plea for assistance many times before, stressing that he has to be certain of its authenticity before handling it to avoid being scammed.

When asked of his thoughts about the woman's daring approach, Louis said that she is not only endangering herself but the people standing below her.

"If she needed help, there are probably other ways to do so. So I have to understand the matter first," he said.

As to whether the woman approaches him because he is known for his charitable deed, Louis humbly responded that he will only help a person or an organisation if he is capable to do so.

(Photo Source: Louis Koo Instagram)