Mum Steps On The ‘Wrong’ Pedal And Destroys Rental House With Her Kids Still Inside

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A woman from Johor Bahru accidentally stepped on the wrong pedal and ended up destroying her own rental house. This caused the walls of the housing unit to almost completely fall apart.

To make matters worse, both her 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter were still inside their home when the incident happened.

Woman Steps On The Wrong Pedal And Destroys Own Home

how to prevent road accidents
how to prevent road accidents

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According to Lianhe Zaobao, the accident happened on 6 April, at a double-storey, low-cost housing unit over in Plentong Garden, Johor Bahru.

The woman, Fang Wanjun, 41, reportedly was attempting to park her car but stepped on the gas pedal by mistake which caused her to plough through the house’s walls.

Afterwards, she immediately rushed inside the house to check in on her kids. Thankfully, aside from her son’s shoulder getting scraped from the impact, no significant injury was reported. Incidentally, since returning home from Singapore’s unemployment last year, the female victim seldom drove.

Apart from car damages, the mother of two now faces the possibility of being homeless. This is because she had rented the house for around five years and the owner has since been notified of the incident.

Fortunately for the woman and her kids, the Director of the Publicity Bureau of Malaysia Johor State, Chen Shanshan, has also intervened since then and has already directed the family to a cheaper hotel for accommodation.

Car Safety Reminders: How To Prevent Road Accidents

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While thankfully both the kids were pulled out unscathed, the accident has come as a rude reminder of the importance of car safety with children around. To avoid any serious accidents, ensure the safety of your family while inside or around the vehicle. Here are a few car safety reminders for parents:

  • Before moving your car, make sure your child is properly strapped in. Ensure that children are safely buckled up in their car seat. Older kids should be reminded to always wear their seatbelts.

  • Activate your car’s child safety locks. These prevent your child from suddenly opening doors or the windows while you’re driving. Also, make sure that their arms, legs and head are inside the vehicle when it’s moving.

  • Always keep your car keys with you. Children are curious by nature so this could prevent them from trying to start the car by themselves without your supervision.

  • Be alert while driving and parking your car. This is especially true if there are kids inside or within the area of the vehicle. Just as it happened with this accident.

  • Discuss with your child about good car behaviour. Let them know how unsafe it is to play with car locks and windows. Plus, constantly remind them to wear their seatbelts. Don’t forget to praise them when they behave properly.

Lead image source from Lianhe Zaobao.


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