Woman finds 'horrific' congratulatory card for weight loss at CVS: 'Imagine receiving this'

With the emergence of medications like Ozempic for weight loss, there has been an increase in conversations about the consequences of weight loss and the language we use when discussing bodies.

There has also been more talk surrounding the “right” way to acknowledge someone’s weight loss, or if you should at all. Some people may want others to acknowledge their weight loss, but it shouldn’t be assumed to always be the case.

While there may not be a straightforward way to approach a conversation about weight loss, intuitive eating and body image coach Alex Joy Pucci (@alexjoypucci) believes there is a wrong way to do it.

Pucci said she recently stumbled across a congratulatory weight loss greeting card at her local CVS — and the influencer was less than impressed.

In a TikTok labeled, “I’ll take ‘THINGS THAT DON’T NEED TO EXIST FOR 100,’” Pucci side-eyed the card that read “Weigh to go!” on the front and displayed an image of a scale with the word “Yay!” written in place where the numbers would go.

CVS did not respond to In The Know by Yahoo’s request for comment.

Pucci seems to believe that acknowledging someone’s efforts toward health may be one thing, but focusing on weight is not a positive place to direct praise.

“Can we just NOT?” she captioned her video. “The number on a scale is arbitrary and does not define you, period. Non-scale wins are where it’s at!”

Despite Pucci’s clear feelings on the card, reactions in her comment section, including from people who have lost significant amounts of weight, were mixed. Some expressed that they would have appreciated someone acknowledging their weight loss efforts, while others said a card like the one Pucci showed would have made them “cry.”

“I lost over 100lbs and a card like this would’ve set me over the edge this is horrific,” wrote @itstaybaby_.

“Imagine receiving this. I would cry and not happy tears,” added @paigecaroline92.

Others had opposing opinions, however, noting that they would have appreciated a card that acknowledged how hard they had worked.

“I think that’s great, I’d love to receive a card acknowledging my hard work if I’ve been trying to lose weight,” @annathemama94 noted.

“I’d be so happy if someone gave me this??? like i would really appreciate it after working so hard,” added @menosmena.

“As someone who’s been on a fitness journey being supported by family & friends of my healthy lifestyle, THIS IS AMAZING!” said @certifiedkarenn.

TikTok user @candidlyab pointed out that the card may be getting some traction because there was only “one left” in the stack when Pucci showed the greeting card section. But some of the commenters also pointed out the danger in calling out anyone’s weight loss, because you can never know with certainty what is behind the weight loss — and whether the individual who has lost weight considers the change in numbers to be a positive thing in the first place.

“My coworker gave me that same card three years ago after I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease that caused me to lose over 50 lbs.,” @eb.choi wrote, adding: “She didn’t know I was sick. But I think the bottom line is that if you haven’t been invited to join someone on their journey, don’t make assumptions.”

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