Woman breaks down different styles of travelers: ‘Know the difference between traveling and vacationing’

With summer approaching and trips planned, TikTokers are warning their viewers to be wary of who they travel with.

TikToker Val (@vxledw) posted a video explaining why certain friendships end while on vacation. In the caption of the post, she explained how everyone in the group needs to be on the same page when it comes to “activities, vibes and budget.”

“You can’t go on trips with everybody,” Val said. “You need to know the difference between vacationing and traveling.”

She explained that vacationers are more about relaxing and having fun, while travelers emphasize immersing themselves in the culture with activities such as museums and tours.

Recently, TikToker N’Dea (@bmekween) stitched the video from above and went into even more detail about the different types of travelers. According to her, there are four types of travelers: Adventure, relaxation, partier and a combination.

The adventure travelers are similar to the people Val described in her video, enjoying museums, tours and hikes. The relaxation travelers enjoy beach trips, lounging around and going to spas. Following that, there’s the partier.

“This is the person that travels for festivals [and] concerts,” N’Dea said. “They want to be on the night scene and the day scene.”

The final style is the combination traveler. This style has traits from all the other styles, adapting their mentality day by day.

In order to maximize her trips, N’Dea would pick the destination based on who she was going with and make it as organized as possible.

“When I planned group trips, I would have to go over this with everyone,” she said. “I actually had an entire Google Form to see what everyone wanted to get out of the trip.”

She is now a solo traveler and says that she switches between all four styles whenever she pleases.

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