Woman asks if it’s ‘tacky’ to sue family members for not coming to her wedding

A bride has come under fire after asking if it is “tacky” to threaten sue wedding invitees who don’t show up on her and her partner’s big day.

In a post shared on the r/weddingshaming sub-Reddit, the poster used Facebook to ask for some advice ahead of their nuptials next summer.

“I love my family dearly but sometimes they are flaky,” she began.

“I’m getting married in October of 2024 and when I send out invitations I want to put on the invitation that if they RSVP and don’t come I’m taking them to court for the cost of their portion of the food and services I paid for.”

Asking her fellow Facebook users if this was “tacky”, she clarified that “obviously there’s no cost to them if they RSVP and actually come”.

The query clearly sparked debate on the original Facebook post, with 300 comments remaining on the post.

On Reddit, the post was widely mocked, with one user joking: “I love that they don’t ask if this is legal, just if it’s tacky… you’d think that’d be the obvious answer!”

Another comment read: “RSVP: ‘On the advice of my lawyer, I will have to decline. Please see attached invoice for the lawyer’s consulting fees.’”


“Step one on how to ensure there are zero guests attending your wedding,” one Reddit user wrote.

“How can you be so clueless that you don’t realise this is tacky? SMDH,” another person said.

Another comment echoed: “‘Is that tacky?’ The fact that you feel the need to ask this is… concerning.”

One Reddit user said: “Oh I hope they actually follow through with it AND sue people for it. I am sure the judge can use a good laugh.”

“This would be such a good way to give a large number of people a hilarious anecdote about a lunatic they knew that they can tell at dinner parties for decades to come,” another comment read.