This Woman's Tweet Proves Moms Are Always Right

Carina Hsieh
Photo credit: Jareliz Diaz

From Cosmopolitan

Who knew when Twitter user @jelly_zebras tweeted about her mother asking if she was a lesbian in 2013, it'd go viral four years later?

Photo credit: Jareliz Diaz

When Jareliz Diaz, a 20-year-old from Connecticut tweeted an update to her original post on April 22, she didn't expect for the internet to lose their shit as much as they did. Diaz says the tweet stood out to her while randomly scrolling through her old tweets because it reminded her of when friends from high school would always question her sexuality. And while she's surprised by the attention it's gotten, she's happy people were able to relate to the tweet, and for all the positivity it's received.

As for the response, Diaz says it's an overwhelming feeling to be accepted as she is but doesn't label herself. Instead, she sees it as "you love who you love, for what's within." She has yet to tell her mom about the tweet going viral, but she's sure her mom would find it pretty funny.

Congrats to Jareliz on her coming out, and congrats to her mom for proving once again, that mothers are always right.

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