Wix wants to help you sell products both online and in person

 Picture of Tap to Pay on Android from Wix website.
Picture of Tap to Pay on Android from Wix website.

Wix has announced the availability of Tap to Pay on Android in the US to help SMBs easily carry out more in-person transactions.

Processing these payments is made possible through a partnership with Stripe and is a move that now allows Wix customers to use Tap to Pay on almost any device, further to the support that was added for iPhone users six months ago.

This approach aims to cater to the growing number of small businesses and startups who choose to operate both using an ecommerce model and in-person POS payments.

Wix Tap to Pay

Now that both major operating systems are supported, merchants can accept in-person contactless payments, such as at a market, event, or convention, without having to acquire any additional hardware.

Stripe Terminal Business Lead John Affaki said: “We’re excited to partner with Wix to provide this easy, cost-effective, no-code way to accept payments in more entrepreneurs’ pockets.”

Amit Sagiv and Volodymyr Tsukur, Wix Payments’ co-heads, added: “This launch is another step in our commitment to providing our merchants with the best tools to succeed online and offline, streamline their operations, and efficiently serve their customers.”

Wix isn’t unique in its decision to offer Tap to Pay for its customers. In fact, Stripe packages its own POS application which supports the technology, as do other payment gateway companies like SumUp, PayPal, and Square.

Wix is particularly distinctive because the phone-based POS comes from a company known best for its website-building tools. Businesses that are already trading online may be more likely to keep all trading with the one provider, playing to Wix’s advantage.

Information regarding transaction fees and other fees are available on Wix's website.

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