These top-rated wireless headphones are currently under £35

These top-rated wireless headphones are now under half price. (Getty Images)

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Whether you can’t run without them, can’t work without them or can’t watch back-to-back episodes of Normal People on BBC iPlayer in bed while your partner sleeps without them, there’s no denying that headphones are essential.

And although a wireless pair are a luxury, anyone who has ever bought a pair will tell you that they are well worth investing in.

Here are a few reasons why:

Number one, you never, ever need to spend time detangling your headphones again. Pulling them out of your bag, or your pocket, only to spent 10 minutes trying to pull them apart and untangle them from the other bits and pieces in your bag, will truly be a thing of the past.

Number two, they mean you can put your phone away and control your music, podcast or phone calls by just tapping or swiping the side of the headphones which is both safer and frees up your hands to hold coffees, push a pram or keep warm in your pocket.

Number three, if you wear your headphones during exercise then you will find that your range of movement is uninhibited by fear of tugging on the wires and ripping the buds out of your ear.

Have we won you round?

If not, this might do the trick: the ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones are now over 50% off, meaning you can bag your very own nifty pair for just £33.99 (down from £99.99) - not bad, hey?

These simple-to-use headphones charge in their case and offer up to 15 hours uninhibited playback time.

Buy it: ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones | Was £99.99, Now £33.99

As well as delivering brilliant sound quality and bass that will immerse you in whatever you’re listening to, these clever headphones have three different modes to adapt to your lifestyle.

Stereo mode means you can enjoy premium HD stereo sound whenever you need to relax or on lighter duties, Share mode means you can give one earbud to someone else so you can listen to something together and Single Mode where each of the twin earbuds can be used for single-channels.

The headphones also come with three different earbud sizes so that you can find the size that works best for you.

And the reviews speak for themselves:

One emphatic earbud user wrote: “I bought the ENACFIRE and it blew my mind, fantastic crisp and clear sound and outstanding building very comfortable on ears.” 

Although Apple Airpods, which can cost anywhere up to £249, are currently regarded as the best on the market, one customer wrote: “If you're after 5/5 wireless headphone quality, then fork out the extra 100 quid for a pair of Apple Airpods or the like. If 4/5 will do, then you'll have no qualms with these.”

While other comments read “I couldn't be more impressed” and “recommend this product 100%, I'm even buying another one for my partner”.