Winwynn Marquez is proud to have completed Marine Reservist training

Heidi Hsia
·2-min read

25 Nov – Kapuso star Winwynn Marquez is proud to announce that she has finished her Marine Reservist training.

After previously updating her Instagram account with an image of her in a green gown and crown - hinting at "wearing something really special in the same colour", on 23 November, the actress posted a series of photos from her military training and wrote, "Last February, I enlisted to become a Marine Reservist under the Philippine Naval Reserve Command [and] when COVID-19 hit us we were asked if we still wanted to continue with our training and I said YES."

"During these difficult times, attending this Reservist Training (which I religiously attended all classroom lectures, drills, and even joined the 3-day Field Training Exercise in Cavite as the culmination of our training course) has become one of my motivations to keep on moving forward and to continue to serve others despite the limitations and uncertainties. I am also honoured to be one of the small number of women, to join this training as it matches with my passion to encourage and empower our Filipino women."

Marquez admitted that the training was as challenging as she expected and she completed it just like everybody else in the programme, rather than being treated like an actress and beauty queen.

"Thanks to the support of my batch, family, and other like-minded people around me, I have completed the course with realisations I never knew I would learn and also a new set of classmates-turned-family. Through this breakthrough, I will be able to exemplify that anyone, regardless of the field of expertise, gender, or age can join and be someone they thought they can never be as long as they have the heart to serve," she added.

Marquez also stated that she decided to share her milestone on social media to inspire others to not be afraid of their weaknesses and to pursue their passions in life.

"Do know that I am not not here to impress you, I am here to make an impact - WE are here to make an impact," she added.

(Photo Source: Winwynn Marquez Instagram)